Welcome! It’s so lovely that you are here visiting my site and wanting to learn more about me and what I am so passionate about! Growing up, I was always a sentimental kid who wanted to hold on to my grandma’s old dolls, store away every movie ticket or small memento in a memory box to go through later, and I always loved when my mom would pull out old photo albums so that I could sift through all of the pictures. I enjoyed hearing the stories surrounding the photos and tying dates, times, and events together; there was something so nostalgic about looking through our visual history that made me feel a little giddy. Thinking about it, this was where my love of photography began because the stillness of an image can carry so much emotion as the years go by.

Meet Elyse

A hopeless romantic who loves natural light, the sound of rain, a warm cup of coffee, and my golden pups, Camper + Darcy.

One of my favorite things to do in the world is to bake! I became interested in baking as soon as I got to college and I have enjoyed it ever since! I have a few favorites that I make often, some very simple and others that need a little love. 



This Bible verse has been one of my absolute favorite verses to lean on over the years. I remember my mom telling me to read it almost anytime I was in the position to make a tough decision. To this day, I still flip my Bible to Matthew 6:26-34 when I need guidance.

Matthew 6: 26-34


If I had to pick my happy place it would be the beach. However, Rosemary holds a very special place in my heart. My best friends and I have vacationed here every summer since I can remember. The smell of the ocean air, sun kissed skin, reading a cheesy rom-com, and staying up late laughing until you crying. 

Rosemary Beach, Fl


Three favorites of mine


Wife to Benjamin

Exploring the 

Dog mom to my two golden angels, Camper and Darcy